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Loaves & Fishes is committed to serving with a hand-up

Our ongoing goal is to educate on the importance of moral living, & display a loving Christian faith while providing life strategies through education in the areas of decision making, daily life-living, skill building, employment, and other areas of an individual's life that cause impairment.  This has been provided successfully, but with limitations, weekly since 2009.  Reaching more on a daily basis directly depends on the ability to obtain a permanent location;

Loaves & Fishes Day Center - Christ Centered

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Intake: Will evaluate and make a determination based on the intake result

Teaching: Will occur on a daily basis through hands-on activities

Goals: Will be achieved when each directive is mastered (productivity scale)

Bible: Will be the main tool for teaching moral living & expectations

Last but Not Least! Church Services, Bible Study, Descipleship, & Love

Our Goal is to bring it together at

Loaves & Fishes Day Center

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The Homeless often become chronically homeless because:

  • After being homeless for at least a year, the homeless are termed as chronic, and daily goals are to just survive;
    • The Day Center will provide the things we take for granted:
      • A fixed address, incoming mail, showers, clothing exchange
  • Those without a fixed address are subject to repeated denials of employment and termed as transient or untrustworthy;
    • The Day Center will provide telephones and a message center
  • They are viewed as drug addicts and alcoholics and ignored; while this is true with a very small percentage, a majority do not have that problem until homelessness occurs;
    • The Day Center will provide Christian avenues for rehabilitation
  • Day Labor is only a temporary source of income and will not suffice for providing needs on a daily basis;
    • The Day Center will provide the ability to build skills for long-term employment, transportation, and sack lunches daily.

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Loaves & Fishes Day Center Provisions

Did you know?


Loaves & Fishes meet with Washoe County Homeless right where they are

On the streets since 2006. 


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We are moving forward to open

Loaves & Fishes Day Center!

  • Our goal is to open a "Supercenter" where services are not scattered all over Washoe County; providing access with ease;
    • Reduces the cost of bus transportation
    • Increases the ability to self-help
    • Increases one's desire to achieve
    • Reduces stress from time limitations
    • Gives a sense of accomplishment
  • Loaves & Fishes Day Center will provide the most important services relying heavily on program participants as well as community volunteers.  Volunteer Today.

Day Center Immediate Needs Include Providing For:

  • Shower/Clothing Exchange
  • Home Address/Mail/Phone/Fax
  • Storage Area for personal belongings
  • Daily Sack Lunch for work
  • Computer Literacy/Job Search
  • Developing Skills  &  New Skills
  • Attending Higher Education for Certificate Programs
  • Job Placement
  • Resume Building Class
  • Financial Literacy Class
  • English As A Second Language Class
  • Public Relations/Behavior Class
  • Additional Services extended to homeless Veterans

- Donations Welcomed

Residential 4-Stage Program

Loaves & Fishes Day Center will incorporate as a later goal, a Residential 4-Stage program through the participants slow learning progression.  Each of the 4 stages could take up to 6 months and depending on the individual, less time may be needed to progress. 


This program will be implemented upon reaching funding requirements; please see the Home page and Donate Today page to help us reach the goal of $400,000 per year.  Your Pledge is greatly needed and appreciated!


Upon completion of Stage 3 the participant will transition into Stage 4 Living where helpful services will continue while living independently.  The participant will be responsible for utilizing all of the skills learned during Phases 1 - 3 as well as be responsible for a portion of living expenses. 


2nd Chance Program


Repeat Offenders and Felons have a higher chance of returning to prison due to the lack of willingness to hire on a prospective employer's part, and for this reason offenders are more likely to return to the familiar.  Valid fear of the what-if's withdraw an employer from hiring a person with a troubled past; known without saying, even by the 2nd Chance Program participant, reducing the participant's willingness to vigorously apply for employment only to return to the life that at-least, sustained.  We believe that Repeat Offenders and Felons should not fall under this classification throughout their entire lifetime and should be given a chance to show the public their worth.  


Below are pictures of the St. Francis Day Center in Denver Colorado; Loaves & Fishes team toured this Christian Center for educational purposes, that Reno's Loaves & Fishes Day Center will be mocking.

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This is the building we would like to purchase for the purpose of

Loaves & Fishes Day Center!


We are a Non-Profit 501(c)3

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