Loaves & Fishes Outreach
Loaves & Fishes Outreach

How We Began...

Loaves & Fishes was created by a caring Christian group in 2006.  Kristi became involved through a little church called A Voice In The Wilderness.  January 2008 was the beginning of a forever journey to work with the homeless and poor of Reno, carrying this love from her childhood home of York Pennsylvania.  In August 2008 James began attending the same little church and soon became involved with Loaves & Fishes.  James joined Kristi in preparing the meals in her one person kitchen and transporting the food to Barbara Bennett Park in downtown Reno each Thursday.  By December 2008 they knew they had been divinely joined and married the following July.  The best of friends, now a marriage, walking together throughout life serving God in ministry and the community of Reno, giving all they have without personal gain. 


Loaves & Fishes is supported weekly by Pastor James & Kristi, tithes and offerings from volunteers, passerby's, and support from community Christian Church's.  Food that is nourishing is purchased, cooked and transported to the location; Milk, Iced Tea and Bottled Water is donated by Walter & Nico Walter; Holiday Pies are from whoever decides to partner with Loaves & Fishes each year; Day Old Pastries are donated by Starbucks, Bread is donated by Subway; Coffee donations are from Hands of Hope Food Bank and Starbucks; Male and Female Hygiene Packs are purchased and assembled, or donated, or collected by groups and distributed on location.  Each year, beginning in October, they place barrels  in various locations to collect winter coats, and other winter clothing/items.  These items are then distributed to anyone in need in November.


The credit they give is not to themselves, they give all credit to their Savior Jesus for knowing the need before the need is apparent and sending the solution at the exact time the need is presented.  What does not matter to them is what religion you are affilitated with, the color of your skin, or the status of your legal background; you will be treated with love and made to feel that you have always been part of the family.  If you have been gone for a while and return, you will be warmly welcomed back.



January 2015 Loaves & Fishes became a 501(c)3 non-profit and is  supported by tithes and offerings.  Income & Expense statements, Doctrine etc., and legal statements are located at the top left column under the Financials tab.





We are a Non-Profit 501(c)3

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