Coat Drive  Thanksgiving  Christmas  New Year 2020
Coat Drive  Thanksgiving  Christmas  New Year 2020

Testify and Encourage

We're all believers here right? Let's start giving personal accounts to God so others will see how alive He really is ♡ and how He's truly working... Jesus said not to be ashamed of Him...Leave your testimony or a testimony here giving God the Glory of how He is moving in your life; let's encourage each other through our testimony.



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I'll start... My name is Kristi.

In 2018 I got cancer. To fuel this was the previous -approximately 30 years- I progressively got sick until it reached its ugly peak in the form of breast cancer. I prayed for healing which I never got spontaneously like I asked; most people would say they stopped believing at this point because how could a loving God let his children suffer. I chose to press deeper into Him and Instead of instant healing, God gave me a more in-depth answer so that I wouldn't go back to what I was doing that caused me to be sick in the first place, and true healing happened... (physical and spiritual healing)... when I studied and learned these truths, it lined up with the Bible, and when I applied the answer to my body He blessed me even more... it's kind of like sin, when you apply Jesus and repent, your sins are washed away; but if you go back to sinning more demons come in... and worse than before as it says in Hebrews 10:26... and/or you die in your sins. This is only one instance, but a huge instant because it saved my life; He saved my life... truly a loving God after all! This truth was so profound that I began to tell others about little parts of the truth along the way when they said they were having this health issue or that health issue, but the truth was refuted, denied that it was true in their own life even; nevertheless, it's still true. Even this denial is like sin. People think that because they don't do something bad every day that they are not a sinner, but they are. We're born into sin because of the original sin that we have inherited from Adam&Eve.  We must confess our sins, our sinful nature, take captive all things that are not of God, rebuke all things that are not of God, and invite the Holy Spirit to dwell within us to work through us; less of me and more of God.  I'm All In!
God showed me something that saved and prolonged my life, and I get to tell others about it... still, many many continue to believe that my truth isn't their truth. But it is.
My pressing in and His healing me has led to many more instances of how God is alive and working in my life..... I choose to press in and continue to press in, and He allows me to see it, feel it, taste it, touch it, and truly experience His work in my life... and now I have other gifts that I would not have had if I denied that He was real way back when I was at the fork of "God heal me now" and "are you present in this God?"

God stood up from His throne for little ole me.




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